perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL

Here's my progress from this week:

Tässä kuvat tältä viikolta:

And here's a whole pic:

Ja tässä koko kuva:


Sorry, my tag of the week is a tease one :) If you haven't heard yet, there's going to be another Passione Ricamo Mystery sal. There are 9 parts, some seem to be bigger than others. Unfortunately I haven't found a "mystery pic", which displays what to look forward to. But I have a hunch that there'll be a mermaid :) Here's a link for you:

Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL

Ja tämän viikon vinkki on hieman härnäävä :) Jos et ole vielä kuullut, kohta starttaa uusi Passione Ricamo Mystery-yhteispistely. Siinä on yhdeksän osaa, osa näyttäisi olevan isompia kuin toiset. Valitettavasti en löytänyt "mystery-kuvaa", joka paljastaisi edes vähän mitä on odotettavissa. Mutta minulla on sellainen aavistus, että kuvassa esiintyy merenneito :) Tässä linkki:

 Passione Ricamo Mystery-yhteispistely

5 kommenttia:

  1. Wow Nina she is looking beautiful. Are you joining the new SAL. I'm considering it. I joined this one 3 months late so I'm blaming that for not progressing on this one LOL!!

    I've joined it because you know how much I love New Starts and mysteries!

    Keep smiling stunner
    xox Alicia

  2. Sorry that last comment must have been confusing, but between my writing "I'm considering it" and the rest of my comment - I popped over and joined the SAL. I do get sidetracked easily. Laughing!

  3. Looks gorgeous. I have to admit to falling out of love with mine because of the writing, but you're tempting me back to her again.
    I think the next one will be a mermaid as well

  4. Hi I have a little surprise for you on my blog!

  5. looking gorgeous! She's beautiful :)