torstai 17. marraskuuta 2011

Fragile Heart

Here she is, after the fourth page:

Tässä päivitys neljännen sivun jälkeen:

There'll be IHSW in the next weekend, so it's the "Sorry" cat's turn. But before that/and during the weekend I'll stitch also Sunrise (it's the only goal from the half year's goals on HAED BB that I haven't reached yet).

Seuraavaksi on IHSW:n vuoro, mutta sitä ennen/samaan aikaan pistelen myös Sunrise-mallin ensimmäistä sivua (viimeinen puolen vuoden tavoite saavuttamatta HAED BB:lla).

6 kommenttia:

  1. Soo close to the finish with this one. It looks fantastic!!!

  2. Fragile Heart looks awesome. The colors really pop :-)

  3. Wow Nina, only a page and a bit to go till you've finished. Beautiful work. Are you joining the SAL for 2012 I think I saw your name on the list. I picked QS Lovers but want to finish Fragile before I start that one!

    She's beautiful, you've inspired me to work on her today.

  4. Thanks :)

    Alicia, I signed up too (how could I resist? ;D) and I chose SK Blue Moon. Really looking forward to starting her, but first I want to finish Fragile Heart.

  5. Ooooh, she's looking great, Nina. :D