torstai 3. marraskuuta 2011


Here's an update after the fourth page (which I had started earlier):

Tässä päivitys neljännen sivun jälkeen (jonka siis olin aloittanut jo aiemmin):

I'll continue with her for another page and there'll be a start of her wing :)

Jatkan vielä toisen sivun verran tämän pistelyä, seuraavalla sivulla alkaakin näkyä tytön siipeä :)

And because HAED is going to retire Drazenka Kimpel (a link to her charts), I had to get this Impetuous Arrival. But there won't be a start anytime soon as I have more than enough on my plate now :) I'm still debating with myself about Purple Orchid. I'm not sure whether I need her in my stash or not, but because it's the last chance to get her I might give in.

HAED aikoo lopettaa yhteistyön Drazenka Kimpel:in (linkki hänen malleihinsa) kanssa, minun piti hankkia tämä Impetuous Arrival. Mutta aloitus on vasta joskus hamassa tulevaisuudessa, tässä on tarpeeksi töitä kesken :) Mietin vielä Purple Orchid:in ostamista, koska en ole varma onko se sellainen pakko saada-ostos. Mutta koska tämä on viimeinen tilaisuus saada tämä malli, alan kallistua siihen suuntaan että hankkisin sen.

Impetuous Arrival

Purple Orchid

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  1. I love impetuous arrival and I was contemplating her too but stopped myself in time. I already had Purple Orchid, which I will be starting soon too so she is ready to go when the retired artist HAED SAL comes along. I think its only 5 in a year. HAED have released a mini version of Purple Orchid too if you were worried about getting another huge chart.

    Beautiful work on Diamond, it's really stunning. The detail on the actual diamond is amazing, it looks almost 3D!

  2. Alicia, I noticed that mini version and gave it a thought. But I'm not really convinced that the detail would be as great as in a mini as it is in a full version. So I ended up with another BAP (I bought it yesterday), one more chart won't bankrupt me but I might later regret not having her :)

    Now I have three retired charts (Impetuous Arrival, Purple Orchid and Lady of Camellias which I bought ages ago), so I have alternatives to choose from, if I want to join the retired artist SAL.

    And thanks for the compliments! :)

  3. Hi Nina dear! Thanks for dropping by in my blog. I really love seeing your comments.

    Wow, I can see that your Diamond is a beauty. Seeing your pieces made me miss my cross stitching. I really need to go back to it.

    Take care my friend!


  4. Great progress on this, Nina. :D

  5. Thanks girls :) And Toni, please drop by again!