torstai 10. marraskuuta 2011


Here she is after the fifth page and you can actually see the start of her wing (excuse the quality of the pic but this was the best I can get atm):

Tässä edistymiseni viidennen sivun jälkeen ja nyt näkyy jo siiven alkukin (kuvan laatu ei ole hyvä, mutta tämä oli surkeista paras):

I'll stitch Fragile Heart next as I need one more progress picture to HAED BB. And she'll be one of my next year's goals too.

Seuraavaksi pistelen taas Fragile Heart:ia, sillä tarvitsen vielä yhden edistymiskuvan HAED BB:lle. Ja se tulee kuitenkin olemaan yksi ensi vuoden tavoitteistani.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Nina, I blame you for my last impulse... sooo not required chart purchase. I so love your Diamond HAED that you are stitching that I ended up buying the Ruby version. D'oh I will need to live for another 70 years to get on top of my ever growing stash...

    Your work is stunning. Stop inspiring me now it's crazy! But keep it up I love your wips! xo

  2. Hahaha :D Alicia, we're so hopeless, aren't we?

  3. Lovely work:D I do love those charts but I'm being good for a little while.....

  4. Great progress. You have done a lot.

    I am being good as well, but I love to see others stitching beautiful charts. Can't stitch them all myself (although I dream of that... ;) )

  5. Nina dear, your work is getting lovelier! And don't worry, your photo is clear :-)