perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2011


Vain pikainen päivitys kun sain viimeinkin kuudennen sivun valmiiksi:

Just a quick update, after I've finished the sixth page (at last):

Nyt olen pistellyt melkein 40% tästä, joten puolen välin rajapyykin saavuttaminen tänä vuonna tuntuu mahdolliselta.

Now I've stitched almost 40% of her. So my goal (reaching the halfway) is possible in this year.

11 kommenttia:

  1. Oh she is gorgeous!!

    Think positive and you'll reach your goal :)

  2. I love this chart. It's one of the thousands in my wish list LOL! Everytime I see her being stitched it tempts me so much to buy it. Your work is beautiful as usual Nina. Congrats on your progress and good luck in reaching your goal. xo Alicia

  3. Beautiful, Nina. I love that look in her eye. You can get to 50% this year, no problem!! We'll be cheering you on. :D

  4. You can do it Nina! We'll support you :-) And she's beautiful!

  5. Tuo on niiin kaunis malli! Tsemppiä pistelyyn! :)

  6. Kiitos Virpi!

    Thank you Esther :)