keskiviikko 8. lokakuuta 2014


I worked on her for three weeks and managed to finish her face. I watched Doctor Who's previous seasons and she reminds me a little bit of Amy with her red hair so I named her after her :)

Pistelin tätä noin kolme viikkoa ja sain kasvot valmiiksi. Katselin samaan aikaan Doctor Who:n aikaisempia kausia ja tämä malli muistutti vähän Amy-henkilöhahmoa punaisine hiuksineen, joten aloin mielessäni kutsua tätä samalla nimellä :)

As you probably know, all charts by Nene Thomas will be retired in 15th October. And because she's in my top5 list as a favourite HAED artists, I just had to get "some" while they are still available. (I already have Deidre, Lullaby, Swan Song, QS Moon Amethyst and SK Winter Wings.) And these I got (so far, haha!):

HAED vetää pois myynnistä Nene Thomas:in mallit 15.lokakuuta. Ja koska hän kuuluu top5-listaani lempisuunnittelijoista, minunhan täytyi ostaa joitakin kun ne vielä ovat saatavilla. (Tähän mennessä kokoelmastani ovat löytyneet Deidre, Lullaby, Swan Song, QS Moon Amethyst ja SK Winter Wings.) Ja nämä hankin (tähän mennessä, haha!):

Mini Snow Girl

Mini Wings In Repose


Emerald Hawthorne

Power and Prestige

Dragon Witch Furionchires

6 kommenttia:

  1. Hope looks amazing! Her face is so pretty.

  2. OOh love your new charts. It was sad that Nene is not renewing her license for her art to be charted. But with everyone buying up her charts hopefully this may cause her to change her mind. Beautiful choices Nina. Hope looks amazing! Her face is lovely, stunning progress xo Alicia

  3. Thanks for the compliments everyone :)

  4. Hi, your pieces look great!! I was thinking to buy this chart too, can you tell me what's the confetti situation? I really do not enjoy confetti-filled charts, and always ask if I have the chance.
    Thank you,