maanantai 7. huhtikuuta 2014

Faces of Faery 187

Not much of progress, my stitchy bug decided to take a hiatus. It's longing for a new start, so maybe I should make one so it would remain pleased. Just haven't made up my mind yet, whether I should keep the start small or go for something bigger (read: whatever fancies). But for now I'll be working on QS Theatre for a week.

Ei paljon edistystä, pistelyinnostukseni päätti pitää väliviikon. Haluaisin aloittaa jotain uutta, joten ehkäpä minun sitten pitää jotta innostus palaisi. En vain ole vielä päättänyt, aloittaisinko jotain pientä vai sitten ihan mitä tahansa haluan (eli toisin sanoen jotain suurempaa). Nyt kuitenkin pistelen viikon verran QS Theatre-mallia.

3 kommenttia:

  1. I vote for a new start. You're doing so well on your current wips I think a new start is more than justified. (Sorry I am such an enabler, I know)
    I can't wait to see what you choose.

    FOF looks great, you've got a lot done on her - almost a finished row. Good luck with Theatre, you're so near a finish on that wip too, so I expect one :>

    Take care stunner and keep smiling and stitching!
    Alicia xo

  2. I am going to try to be the voice of reason....for once!

    Don't have a new start!

    It's partly for my own selfish reasons as I love the charts you are working on at present and I would love to see you make more progress on them!

    I'm desperately trying to persuade myself out of a new start myself, I think I'll set myself a goal to reach before I can start it, that way it might spur me on a bit!

    Great work on the FOF, I love those designs and have FOF178 kitted and ready to go!