lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012


Finally, the page number three! :)

Viimeinkin sain kolmannen sivun valmiiksi! :)

I'll take a short break from this, the third page felt like endless. Next I'll concentrate on PR Mystery SAL, the fourth part was released a few days ago. SK Blue Moon is calling to me, so I'll probably give her some attention too.

Otan hieman taukoa tämän kanssa, koska kolmas sivu tuntui aika loputtomalta. Seuraavaksi keskityn PR Mystery-yhteispistelyyn, neljäs osa julkistettiin muutama päivää sitten. Pistelen samalla varmaankin myös SK Blue Moon-mallia.

5 kommenttia:

  1. A beautiful page finish =) It was worth all the trouble =)

  2. Yay another page finish. I know what you mean about sometimes they feel a little endless. I love the gems they look so real!! I'm glad you will be picking up the Mystery SAL now though as I can't wait to see more on her! Good luck and happy stitching! xoxo