torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2011

Ice Wind SK

Tässä edistymiseni viikon pistelyn jälkeen:

Here's an update after a week:

Väriläiskät ovat mielestäni aika kummalliset naamassa, mutta tarkistin asian HAED BB:lla, ja niiden pitäisi olla oikein. Toivottavasti tasoittuvat tuosta, kunhan saan koko alueen pisteltyä. Seuraavaksi otan vuoroon juhannuksen ajaksi Fragile Heart:in, haluan siitä edistymiskuvan kesäkuulta, jotta saisin muutkin mallit loppuvuodesta. Ja lopuksi vielä vinkkaan, että HAED on julkaissut uuden ilmaismallin nyt juhannuksen kunniaksi. Kannattaa käydä katsomassa, mielestäni on ihana (ja linkki on tässä).

I find those colours in her face a little bit strange, but I checked them from HAED BB, and they should be ok. So I hope they'll blend eventually, when I've finished stitching that whole section. And my next WIP will be Fragile Heart, as I really have to get progress pictures of her (I really want the rest of the charts at the end of the year). And finally, there's a new freebie on HAED website. You might want to check it, I think it's beautiful (and the link is here).

8 kommenttia:

  1. A beautiful start :) The colors in her face really look a bit strange now, but I guess it will look better when you have more stitches in :)

    Thanks for the link to the new freebie, it's really lovely :)

  2. I think colours always look a bit odd when you can't see them all together, but I'm sure it'll smooth out, and it does look beautiful

  3. I saw on FB about the colours change, are you going to frog or are you going to continue with it. Honestly, when i look at your wip, she is beautiful and the 'rouge' is not too dark at all, in fact close to perfect.

  4. Great progress, Nina!
    I had the same problem with Topaz's body, but now that all the colours are in, it looks good.

  5. Yvonne, thanks for pointing that out. I really can't complain, it's a freebie which was given by a very generous HAED team. But I must admit, I'm a little annoyed. When I posted a question with a pic of my WIP on HAED BB, no one really understood where I was coming from. Others said it looked fine by them. But now when I look the second version, in my opinion, it's perfect. So my answer is perhaps there, I can't continue, when I know there's a better version available.

    *frog frog frog* :/

  6. You have done a lot already! And even though I can see your point about the colors in her face, I still think she looks very beautiful. But it is always hard to tell from a picture. You can see the colors best irl. Bummer you have to frog.
    I chose Rapunzel, but the confetti in there is driving me utterly crazy!
    Thanks for reminding us of the new freebie.

  7. Lonneke, the colours in her face looks too bulky to me. I like the way she looks like in the original art work, and in my opinion, the second version mirrors it better :)

    Thanks Joysze for your comment :)